New Laptop.

My beautiful HP laptop died about 6 months ago and since I haven’t had the balls to go out and spend the money on a new one. However yesterday I took the money from my 21st birthday and I got a little Lablet. I can now write properly again as I have been writing on pen and paper and I have been all over the place.

This is a new start for me and my writing, also my blogging. I can blog more and stretch that writing muscle again because it has got a little lazy.

A character I love.

Henry Reed is a character in my novel that I find so easy to write. After not writing for a year it seems everything just flows when it comes to Henry and its like other character are easier to write when Henry is involved. It’s hard to describe all of Henry because he is so dynamic but I have taken a few sections of the Book to show you. I hope you enjoy.


As I tossed and turned I was joined by a very drunken Henry, he stumbled and knocked over a plant that was decorating the room. “Oops,” he whispered as he tried drunkenly to prop the plant back up. “Em is everyone asleep?” he slurred in my direction.

“Yes, everyone is asleep; the question is why are you not sleeping?” I asked as he slumped into the chair to my left “One, the room is spinning, two, I know that in the morning we have to leave,” he sighed as he finish his sentence and then folded his arms like a child who was not getting their way.

“I was thinking the same,” I told him to try and bring him out of his mood.

“You mean the room is actually spinning?” he chirped as he sat up in the chair.

“No, Henry, I meant about having to leave,” I sighed, he was very slow when he was drunk.

“I like it here,” He snapped at me as if it was me who was making us move.

“They won’t move us far Henry, if at all and if they do move us, they will be moving us back the West Virginia,” I said as I tried to make things seem alright.


Vicky looked at Henry “Get out Vicky,” Henry said before even looking at her. Henry looked at me and said “Em, that man loves you and I don’t care if it takes him a hundred years to admit it. More importantly, he needs you. Please just think before you keep getting yourself into trouble because if something happens to you, Jake might as well be dead too,” he turned to walk away and continued “Sorry about the heavy kid but times are getting rough and we all need you,”


Layla was still confused about what the others had said during conversation and sat with a puzzled look on her face. I didn’t have the energy to ask what was wrong with her but Henry finally noticed. “What’s wrong Layla?” he started.

“I don’t understand, I thought this drug running thing was just bad people doing bad things but now…” Layla didn’t finish speaking probably because she didn’t understand.

“It could be anyone,” Jake said as he changed seats so he was sat next to me. “Layla and I are going to bed now,” Henry said pulling Layla out her seat.

“Are we?” Layla said.

“Yes Layla,” Henry said winking at her and they both walked away giggling.

“Don’t they just sound like teenagers?” Jake asked.

“Yes,” I replied with a smile.

Let’s try this writing thing again…

The air was never cool in Miami, it always seemed to be humid and warm, a far cry from where I called home back in England. I sat back on the sofa ready to read my book and Jake slid a plate of food across the table in front of me “The doctor said you needed to have a good meal, so I cooked you something,” Jake said in a soft tone. His facial expression seemed to be a confused one, like he didn’t actually know what to say to me or he didn’t know how to say what he wanted too.

“Thank you,” I replied pleasantly surprised. I looked at him and said “And thank you for today,” He looked at me and the expression on his face changed. Jake was a man that you could read his emotion from his face, his face told a story and it move around when he was confused. He didn’t say anything for a while and then he unexpectedly blurted out with a shudder  “Do you blame me?” He clearly thought the answer to be yes from the fact his eyes were half closed and he wouldn’t look at me. I shook my head “No,” I replied.

“Are you just saying that because I am your superior?” He said with a totally straight face but I couldn’t help but laugh, he looked at me and smiled “What’s so funny?” he asked. Jake was the kind of guy that took a while to come around to speaking to you but once he was talking, he became pretty light hearted and easy to talk to.

“The fact that you think I would lie because you are my superior is hysterical,” I said as I stopped laughing, he lent forward, his t-shirt clung to him and I could see all of his muscle tighten. I tried hard not to stare at him but I had seen this man naked, one very drunken night while we were visiting England. Our relationship hadn’t been the same since.  He said “So, you really don’t think I messed up?”

“Not at all,” I said as I leant forward trying to mirror his actions. I had not realised that I was wearing a low cut top and my boobs were basically popping out when I leant forward. I only noticed when Jake couldn’t look anywhere else but my chest. I leant back and smiled, he shook his head. The serious look he was usually sporting returned to his face and he left the room. I put my plate in the kitchen and I decided to go to bed.


2 years on WordPress.

word press anaversert

Two years is a long journey. Especially going from being 18 to 20. It has really gone too fast and although I haven’t been blogging lately people who I have met have continued to be a big part of my life.

Today I will start from scratch. I have started to hate my blog, the longer I was away from it that hard it was to come back but I want writing to be a big part of my life and I shouldn’t have cast it aside because everything changing. This year has been huge for me and it’s not finished yet. Luckily I am finishing on a high note and spending New Year in Florida.

This year started on a good note. In a hotel in Paris with Ben. Perfect really. I arrived back in England and within a few week my niece was born. She means everything to me. She is my little sunshine.


By the End of march my Parents 23 year marriage had come to an end and they had both moved out. I turned 20 in April and four days after that marked one year since my Granddad had died. I missed him more then ever then. Everything was going wrong and he wasn’t here to help guild us. In May, June and July, I worked a lot to pay the bills and we are now in August and things are finally looking a bit brighter.


In two days we will be christening Hollie and acting like a family. My two sisters and I really pulled rank and are now closer then ever. Two days after that I will have been with Benjamin for 5 years and he has been my rock. There isn’t many 20 years old that would stick by you no matter what, who would buy you food when you have no money, who would take you away for your birthday just so you could have a few day away from the carnage that was home and that would love you no matter how much you pushed them away.

Writing is my passion and I hope to be writing more soon. Thank you all of you how read my post and I hope to bring you more happy memories from now on.

Such a beautiful boy my Benji.

Such a beautiful boy my Benji.


Creating a pure angel.

And there it was; the source of the noise.  A young woman sat in the street crying and she appeared to be bleeding. Brilliant, just brilliant. I am not hemophobic; I just prefer a bloodless situation.  More blood means more complications, more eyes watching and more people judging. 

Now as a muscular  young man I can’t just storm up to this lady and save her, that could possibly frighten her. I needed to keep my composure, ignore the blood and get the crying young lady out of my streets before the police show up. Simple. 

“Hello,” I whispered to test the water. She just whimpered and went back to her sobbing. I wasn’t ever good with crying women; I didn’t even think to bring a tissue or some chocolate to bate her. “Do you need help?” I asked as I stepped towards her.

“NO,” she shouted. Wow. I don’t think there was any need for that. I was just trying to help her, I knew she needed my kind of help, a help I hoped she would eventually be thankful for.

“Surely if you didn’t need help you wouldn’t be sat, in the street, covered in blood, sobbing uncontrollably,” I said as I stepped even closer

“You don’t look like someone who has this all under control,” I continued as she stopped sobbing. 

She thought for a moment then look at me. I looked away. I didn’t sleep much and I didn’t need her tear filled eyes haunting my dreams when I eventually did. “How can you help me?” She asked, standing up and brushing herself off. She was actually a very attractive young woman, well under the blood and ruined make-up. She wore a blue dress that was clinging to her figure however it was ripped at the bottom. 

“What happened?” I questioned as I stood beside her. She shook her head and pulled her sleeve down. The bite make on her arm was all too clear for me, the bright red circle with bleeding puncture marks mean this encounter would only end on way.

“You know what happened, it’s why you found me, I can see it in your bright red eyes,” she snapped. Truth was, I did know why I was here and I knew what had happened to her. It didn’t make me feel any less guilt coming to save her then sitting at home and leaving her to deal with her thirst on her own but I needed to save her, save her from herself.

With that I sucked in all the emotions I was feeling and drove a wooden stake right threw her heart. Blood came rushing out of her body as I looked away. I wasn’t going to let her be a monster; I knew she could go to heaven now. She had a pure soul; she could claim beautiful white wings and have a clear conscious. Nobody would die at the hands of this beautiful lady. Nobody would die tonight.

Dull Humans (return post)

Shape shifting is the easy part of being a Shifter. It’s simple really, I just let the wolf take over and away I go.

I go running and jumping around the woods and what I like most of all. Smelling. Yes that might sound strange but humans’ sense of smell is pitiful. As a wolf, I can smell the exact moment flowers open in the spring and the slightest change in humidity. Do you love that smell just before it is about to rain? I do and in my wolf form it smells even better, more intense but light at the same time. Smells graze the inside of my nostrils and send fireworks to my brain. Beautiful bright sparks of light running through my nerves and allowing my eyes to see smells as dazzling rays of color, colors that smell different, colors that feel different. The rays of color dance around trees and skip over streams, glowing and showing me to the source of their beautiful scent. This time a radiant blue torrent flows towards an enchanting purple tulip. It smells like sunshine and freshness.

Shifting back into a human is the hard part of being a Shifter.

Stumbling about on two legs and feeling the breeze but not smelling it. Everyone is just waveless as a human. Nothing darts or dances, everything just moves slowly. Wearing clothes because human skin isn’t warm enough and getting food out of a bag because hunting is what cave men did.

Human life is dull.


Moving forward.

At the moment I can’t blog and I can’t write because my life is a little upside down. I need to sort out my life because it’s going in the wrong direction, really wrong. I have been pretending like it doesn’t matter for a long time now, going with the flow, doing what I needed to do but now I feel like it is time to sort it out. turning my life the right way around again is my priority. 

Goodbye for now.