Glitter E. Yanus Award

Is it because I am English that I really not understand? bestbathroombooks said described the award as this:

“it’s an award (according to Bill) given to people who have, through their constant blogging about themselves and what great people they are and how clever they are and how good their recipes are and how funny their memories and how goodly they can put sentences together —how that person (me) has shown the world just how bad the internet can be.  I think by “bad” Bill means good, just like when Michael Jackson sings “bad” in his song “Bad”.”

Were as the one and only H.E.Ellis who nominated me said this:

“Why it’s only the most prestigious award given to bloggers with rockin’ ghetto ass or opposable genitalia (I only have one of these. You guess which) and I happen to be one of its honored recipients.”

I will let you all make up your own mind on which on of them is more insane :) Anyway lets get on with this madness, I am first of all meant to tell you five things that would make you want to kill me, I do not advise killing me in England however due to it being “Guilty until proven innocent” so you are all screwed.

1. I am listening to one direction while writing this post – “Shot me out of the sky, You’re my kryptonite,”

2. I play with my food, my mum hates it and poke me with a fork when we are at the table, I do not know what makes me do it but I do.

3. I dance everywhere, I think I have a Juke box in my head, I never sing, just dance, I can not dance, I think I need lesson but I need to move my feet.

4. I am unsure of everything, I question everything.

5. Once I have snapped that is it, I hardly ever get angry but when I am that’s it, there is no going back.

The next thing is impossible for me, I live in a village in Yorkshire, we do not have Freeways in England and it is snowing so I am not leaving my house. 

Next I am obliged to pick five things that I would stick up my arse if I was force.  I am going to take back that I want to come to America if criminals force you to shove things up your arse, seriously? At first I could not help but giggle at what I wanted to put but then I thought practically.

1. Jaffa Cakes, a tube because If the criminals did not feed me, I might need them.

2. Money because If I manage to escape life would be easier with money.

3. Vodka, to drown out the pain

4. Cola because Vodka is horrible on its own

5. A pen, I do not know why, I just though it might come in handy.

 Last but not least, I have to pick five of you to join in, Here goes: 






10 thoughts on “Glitter E. Yanus Award

  1. LOL OHHH you need the coke because it’s better with Vodka? OOOOh nooooo!

    Oh my honey, Thank you so much! Very sweet… I have time now to do these things! I know I have to do them too !

    Thank you, you’re way too kind!

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