National Novel Writing Month Done!

I am finished. I was disappoint that there wasn’t a firework let off for me but Ohhh well, I am done. I would like to say I enjoyed National Novel Writing Month completely but it had it’s up and downs and I am glad it is going away till next year. I have had fun and think it’s a lovely thing to participate in. I am going for a rest. Bye.


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35 thoughts on “National Novel Writing Month Done!

  1. planetserious says:

    Congrats. I’m going to finish out around 25k, which is no where near where I’d like to be. But hey, 25k more than I had on October 31st.

    Good going.

  2. I am so sorry it took so long to see this. I am prouder of you than you could possibly imagine. HR said to tell you he is sending you fireworks, so be careful when you open your box.

  3. Reblogged this on H.E. ELLIS and commented:
    Please congratulate the sweetest person in the whole world on her NaNoWriMo win! I am a friend unworthy of the kindness of this creative bundle of British wonder. I love you, Megan. I am so proud, you have no idea.

  4. And yet, you still have the finger strength to blog your amazing accomplishment and answer the comments.


  5. Now you know I don’t comment on many blogs, mainly because I’m a big do-do head.
    But for you Miss. Meagan I shall stop the world from turning and make mention of this, a true accomplishment. You have proven that you are a woman of multiple talents, this being a big one.
    You are a true insperation to me my dear.
    And dubbing you “Lady Iron Fingers”
    That’s kist kick ass (just like you)
    Btw, sorry this is late I didn’t get updated untill just now.

  6. Tom Elias says:

    As I said on facebook, great job, Megan. And thank you for being one of my writing buddies. You did very well, and all of New England is proud of you there in Old England.

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