Dull Humans (return post)

Shape shifting is the easy part of being a Shifter. It’s simple really, I just let the wolf take over and away I go.

I go running and jumping around the woods and what I like most of all. Smelling. Yes that might sound strange but humans’ sense of smell is pitiful. As a wolf, I can smell the exact moment flowers open in the spring and the slightest change in humidity. Do you love that smell just before it is about to rain? I do and in my wolf form it smells even better, more intense but light at the same time. Smells graze the inside of my nostrils and send fireworks to my brain. Beautiful bright sparks of light running through my nerves and allowing my eyes to see smells as dazzling rays of color, colors that smell different, colors that feel different. The rays of color dance around trees and skip over streams, glowing and showing me to the source of their beautiful scent. This time a radiant blue torrent flows towards an enchanting purple tulip. It smells like sunshine and freshness.

Shifting back into a human is the hard part of being a Shifter.

Stumbling about on two legs and feeling the breeze but not smelling it. Everyone is just waveless as a human. Nothing darts or dances, everything just moves slowly. Wearing clothes because human skin isn’t warm enough and getting food out of a bag because hunting is what cave men did.

Human life is dull.


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7 thoughts on “Dull Humans (return post)

  1. What am I Thinking? Ah, we’ve identified the problem. I think it’s tomorrow already, again! Hope you had a nice birthday. I was a year off. I thought you were 21. Get a running start on next year, and keep plugging. :D

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