Creating a pure angel.

And there it was; the source of the noise.  A young woman sat in the street crying and she appeared to be bleeding. Brilliant, just brilliant. I am not hemophobic; I just prefer a bloodless situation.  More blood means more complications, more eyes watching and more people judging. 

Now as a muscular  young man I can’t just storm up to this lady and save her, that could possibly frighten her. I needed to keep my composure, ignore the blood and get the crying young lady out of my streets before the police show up. Simple. 

“Hello,” I whispered to test the water. She just whimpered and went back to her sobbing. I wasn’t ever good with crying women; I didn’t even think to bring a tissue or some chocolate to bate her. “Do you need help?” I asked as I stepped towards her.

“NO,” she shouted. Wow. I don’t think there was any need for that. I was just trying to help her, I knew she needed my kind of help, a help I hoped she would eventually be thankful for.

“Surely if you didn’t need help you wouldn’t be sat, in the street, covered in blood, sobbing uncontrollably,” I said as I stepped even closer

“You don’t look like someone who has this all under control,” I continued as she stopped sobbing. 

She thought for a moment then look at me. I looked away. I didn’t sleep much and I didn’t need her tear filled eyes haunting my dreams when I eventually did. “How can you help me?” She asked, standing up and brushing herself off. She was actually a very attractive young woman, well under the blood and ruined make-up. She wore a blue dress that was clinging to her figure however it was ripped at the bottom. 

“What happened?” I questioned as I stood beside her. She shook her head and pulled her sleeve down. The bite make on her arm was all too clear for me, the bright red circle with bleeding puncture marks mean this encounter would only end on way.

“You know what happened, it’s why you found me, I can see it in your bright red eyes,” she snapped. Truth was, I did know why I was here and I knew what had happened to her. It didn’t make me feel any less guilt coming to save her then sitting at home and leaving her to deal with her thirst on her own but I needed to save her, save her from herself.

With that I sucked in all the emotions I was feeling and drove a wooden stake right threw her heart. Blood came rushing out of her body as I looked away. I wasn’t going to let her be a monster; I knew she could go to heaven now. She had a pure soul; she could claim beautiful white wings and have a clear conscious. Nobody would die at the hands of this beautiful lady. Nobody would die tonight.

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