2 years on WordPress.

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Two years is a long journey. Especially going from being 18 to 20. It has really gone too fast and although I haven’t been blogging lately people who I have met have continued to be a big part of my life.

Today I will start from scratch. I have started to hate my blog, the longer I was away from it that hard it was to come back but I want writing to be a big part of my life and I shouldn’t have cast it aside because everything changing. This year has been huge for me and it’s not finished yet. Luckily I am finishing on a high note and spending New Year in Florida.

This year started on a good note. In a hotel in Paris with Ben. Perfect really. I arrived back in England and within a few week my niece was born. She means everything to me. She is my little sunshine.


By the End of march my Parents 23 year marriage had come to an end and they had both moved out. I turned 20 in April and four days after that marked one year since my Granddad had died. I missed him more then ever then. Everything was going wrong and he wasn’t here to help guild us. In May, June and July, I worked a lot to pay the bills and we are now in August and things are finally looking a bit brighter.


In two days we will be christening Hollie and acting like a family. My two sisters and I really pulled rank and are now closer then ever. Two days after that I will have been with Benjamin for 5 years and he has been my rock. There isn’t many 20 years old that would stick by you no matter what, who would buy you food when you have no money, who would take you away for your birthday just so you could have a few day away from the carnage that was home and that would love you no matter how much you pushed them away.

Writing is my passion and I hope to be writing more soon. Thank you all of you how read my post and I hope to bring you more happy memories from now on.

Such a beautiful boy my Benji.

Such a beautiful boy my Benji.


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