Let’s try this writing thing again…

The air was never cool in Miami, it always seemed to be humid and warm, a far cry from where I called home back in England. I sat back on the sofa ready to read my book and Jake slid a plate of food across the table in front of me “The doctor said you needed to have a good meal, so I cooked you something,” Jake said in a soft tone. His facial expression seemed to be a confused one, like he didn’t actually know what to say to me or he didn’t know how to say what he wanted too.

“Thank you,” I replied pleasantly surprised. I looked at him and said “And thank you for today,” He looked at me and the expression on his face changed. Jake was a man that you could read his emotion from his face, his face told a story and it move around when he was confused. He didn’t say anything for a while and then he unexpectedly blurted out with a shudder  “Do you blame me?” He clearly thought the answer to be yes from the fact his eyes were half closed and he wouldn’t look at me. I shook my head “No,” I replied.

“Are you just saying that because I am your superior?” He said with a totally straight face but I couldn’t help but laugh, he looked at me and smiled “What’s so funny?” he asked. Jake was the kind of guy that took a while to come around to speaking to you but once he was talking, he became pretty light hearted and easy to talk to.

“The fact that you think I would lie because you are my superior is hysterical,” I said as I stopped laughing, he lent forward, his t-shirt clung to him and I could see all of his muscle tighten. I tried hard not to stare at him but I had seen this man naked, one very drunken night while we were visiting England. Our relationship hadn’t been the same since.  He said “So, you really don’t think I messed up?”

“Not at all,” I said as I leant forward trying to mirror his actions. I had not realised that I was wearing a low cut top and my boobs were basically popping out when I leant forward. I only noticed when Jake couldn’t look anywhere else but my chest. I leant back and smiled, he shook his head. The serious look he was usually sporting returned to his face and he left the room. I put my plate in the kitchen and I decided to go to bed.


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