A character I love.

Henry Reed is a character in my novel that I find so easy to write. After not writing for a year it seems everything just flows when it comes to Henry and its like other character are easier to write when Henry is involved. It’s hard to describe all of Henry because he is so dynamic but I have taken a few sections of the Book to show you. I hope you enjoy.


As I tossed and turned I was joined by a very drunken Henry, he stumbled and knocked over a plant that was decorating the room. “Oops,” he whispered as he tried drunkenly to prop the plant back up. “Em is everyone asleep?” he slurred in my direction.

“Yes, everyone is asleep; the question is why are you not sleeping?” I asked as he slumped into the chair to my left “One, the room is spinning, two, I know that in the morning we have to leave,” he sighed as he finish his sentence and then folded his arms like a child who was not getting their way.

“I was thinking the same,” I told him to try and bring him out of his mood.

“You mean the room is actually spinning?” he chirped as he sat up in the chair.

“No, Henry, I meant about having to leave,” I sighed, he was very slow when he was drunk.

“I like it here,” He snapped at me as if it was me who was making us move.

“They won’t move us far Henry, if at all and if they do move us, they will be moving us back the West Virginia,” I said as I tried to make things seem alright.


Vicky looked at Henry “Get out Vicky,” Henry said before even looking at her. Henry looked at me and said “Em, that man loves you and I don’t care if it takes him a hundred years to admit it. More importantly, he needs you. Please just think before you keep getting yourself into trouble because if something happens to you, Jake might as well be dead too,” he turned to walk away and continued “Sorry about the heavy kid but times are getting rough and we all need you,”


Layla was still confused about what the others had said during conversation and sat with a puzzled look on her face. I didn’t have the energy to ask what was wrong with her but Henry finally noticed. “What’s wrong Layla?” he started.

“I don’t understand, I thought this drug running thing was just bad people doing bad things but now…” Layla didn’t finish speaking probably because she didn’t understand.

“It could be anyone,” Jake said as he changed seats so he was sat next to me. “Layla and I are going to bed now,” Henry said pulling Layla out her seat.

“Are we?” Layla said.

“Yes Layla,” Henry said winking at her and they both walked away giggling.

“Don’t they just sound like teenagers?” Jake asked.

“Yes,” I replied with a smile.

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