People Change.

“Maybe it was wrong for me to think I could turn to you, turn to you in my hour of need,” Lee snapped at me as I tried to comprehend our new situation. A man I thought was dead only a minute ago was trying to lecture me about not being there for him. He paced in front of me and watch for my response. I opened my mouth and he stopped pacing “You were the one who said that you wanted to have fun, that I was holding you back from being young and single,” I said and he laughed, walking away “I was seventeen, you can’t hold it against me,” he whispered. I started to well up “I was only fifteen, we had been inseparable for four years and then you joined the army and I was told you were MIA,” I chocked as the tears started to fall. “You’re trying to say you can’t help me now because of something that happened three years ago?” He asked, I stood up and shook my head, I sucked the tears up and walked to my draws, and I pulled out my house keys and gave them to him.  

“Take them Lee, I don’t know what your new situation means,” I said to him looking right into his eyes. As I turned to walk away he said “Is this what we have become?” I didn’t turn around, I didn’t even want to acknowledge the question. “I loved you once Emma, I missed you every day I was away,” he told me.

“It didn’t stop you sleeping with all those other girls did it,” I snapped back.

“Don’t act like you didn’t fall for my charms like they did because you did, over and over again,” His bitter voice crushed me inside, the young thirteen year old boy I had met just five years ago was long gone and the man that had replaced him was someone I didn’t like. “Get out Lee, I will see you when I am on leave,” I muttered opening the door. Lee’s face sunk as I opened the door and stood there was Jake, the man that also taken in interest in me. A man Lee didn’t think was good enough for me and I just stood there, I didn’t know what to do or what they were going to do. 

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